Eyebrows are ones of the most important cosmetic asset on our faces, they affect hugely our appearances and self-confidence. Unlike normal hair transplantation surgery, eyebrow transplantation (EBT) is a very challenging procedure for hair restoration surgeons. The surgeon and the assistant need to be very experienced and delicate to design and create a natural-looking shape of eyebrows that fit individual patients’ faces. The donor site is selected from the mid-occipital area since it is lastly to turn gray once age. The caliber of the donor hair needs to be measured whenever possible to match the existing eyebrows. Women want fine hair for eyebrow transplantation, the nape hair is an ideal for donor in women. The method of graft harvesting could be done by either FUT (strip technique) or long hair FUE. FUT can preview how the result of EBT looks and favored by most surgeons. The grafts will be placed one by one into the small incisions made by the surgeon. The procedure is done under local anesthesia.


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